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Hair Services

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Our custom looks allow for a hair sculpt to be added into the services average time. We understand every head of hair is unique and may require additional or less time. These services are designed to help you understand an average time for the custom look you are booking. You will only be charged for the total time you are serviced behind the chair by your stylist. The hourly price for your service will be based on the tier of your stylist.

Extension Specialty Labor

*Initial Install Investment will vary. Please call for a consultation.

One Row Extension

Investment: $100-195


Two Row Extension

Investment: $200-390


Three Row Extension

Investment: $300-585


Mini Row Extension

Investment: $50-98

Girl on the Go

Our average two hour service is customized to your needs, but typically would allow us to service a hair sculpting added on to an all over color or a mini malibu or lived in refresh. 


Investment: $80 - 244

Malibu Barbie

The ultimate blonde looking for highlight, babylight, and/or balayage with maybe even a little smudge at the root to keep it looking the most natural. Looking for an all over blonding from root to ends? This is it.  The Malibu Barbie averages three hours, but total time can vary on a client to client basis.

Investment: $120 - 366

The Lived In Babe

Are you looking for a rooty sunkissed look? This service averages three hours and is designed to create dimension, by strategically adding pops of lightness while keeping depth to create the perfect ribbons of dimension.

Investment: $120 - 366

Get Glossy

A hair sculpt and glaze to eliminate unwanted tones and refresh the all over tone of your hair. A root melt helps keep the blend seamless, and give you the total refresh between full services. This service averages an hour and a half from start to finish.

Investment: $60 - 183

Grays be Gone

This is an average hour and a half long service to cover those pesky grays and gloss the overall tone of your hair.​

Investment: $60 - 183

The Sculpture

Do you need those split ends sculpted away or to feel transformed by a new look of a fun fresh chop. A hair sculpt takes an average of one hour.

Investment: $40 - 122

Style Me Pretty

Come in for a fresh blowout and style, or be pampered with a custom look before a special event.  This service is an average hour long service. If you have extensions please allow for an additional half hour.

Investment: $40 - 122

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