Standard Manicure


Gel Manicure

Want a longer lasting polish application? Get high shine and no cracking, peeling or chipping with a gel manicure!


Gel Removal

Just need the gel on your nails removed? This service is for you!


Gel Removal with Service

For those who have gel on their nails and are coming in for a fresh new manicure or set, add this onto your nail appointment!


SNS Healthy Nails Dip Manicure

SNS dipping powders create a far lighter, healthier, and more natural gel covering for the nails.


SNS Removal


Polygel Manicure (includes gel)

Healthier than acrylics and harder than gel, polygel is the perfect happy medium for clients with thin nails or clients who desire tips without acrylic applications.


Polygel Fill (includes gel)


Acrylic Full Set (includes gel)


Acrylic Fill (includes gel)


Acrylic Removal


Gel X Tips Set

Gel-X Tips are specially formulated gel tips that ensure long-lasting 3+ weeks adhesion to the natural nail. The soft-gel formulation of Gel-X Tips and Extend Gel make removal simple! Soak or wrap in acetone for 15 minutes and it will remove just like gel polish. Fast & Easy to Apply! No Odor, No Dust! No Damage to Natural Nail! 10 Finger Extensions in Just 10 Minutes! Strong like acrylic but thin like natural nails with amazing durability. No fills so no dust!


Custom Pedicure

Customize your pedicure with a scrub and bath bomb scent of your choice from our scrub bar.


Gel Toe Nail Polish Change

Includes cleaning up the cuticle, file shaping, and fresh gel polish.


Toe Nail Polish Change

Includes cleaning up the cuticle, file shaping, and fresh polish


Nail Fix


Nail Reconstruction


Add-on Nail Art up to 3 colors

Want a marbled look of pattern on your nails? This add on is for you!


Add-on Nail art 4 colors or more

If you're looking for nail designs that include more than 4 colors such as flowers, water color, etc, this add on is for you!


Milk Bath Nail Art

$7.50 per nail

Chrome or Foil Nails

All 10 fingers, $15

$2 per nail

French or Ombre Nail Art


Add-on Rinestone

Make your nails shine with the addition of rinestones! Our extensive selection of stones can achieve a wide array of desired looks.


Add-on Structure Gel

Want bigger rinestones for your desired look? Structure gel holds large gems in place throughout daily activities.


Add-on Gel

Going on vacation? Want your polish to last? Add gel to your nails for longer lasting polish results.


Add-on 10-Minute Hot Stone Massage

Upgrade your pedicure experience with a relaxing 10-minute hot stone leg massage.


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