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Hey guys! My name is Haley! I have over nine (9) years in the beauty industry and have been a part of the Beauty Bar team for almost six (6) years. I have been to nationwide training to learn from top celebrity stylists around the world. I appreciate the 1980’s from the music, to the style and hair. I love the fact that it's making a modern comeback. I specialize in blonding services, but also love to execute high contrast colors. Hair cutting is an art that I am also meticulous about & enjoy. The science behind hair color intrigues me. I like being able to explain the processes I perform & why or why not certain things will work. Sitting in my chair, I can confidently promise good communication, honesty & hard work. My goal for each client is to leave feeling like a more badass version of themselves every time! See ya soon, I look forward to mending your mane🤙🏼